Land Rover DEFENDER large 11.4" PiVi Pro display retrofit – Land Rover, Jaguar Retrofits & Upgrades

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Land Rover DEFENDER large 11.4″ PiVi Pro display retrofit – Land Rover, Jaguar Retrofits & Upgrades

In 2022, Land Rover has optionally offered its customers a large 11.4″ center screen of the infotainment system.
The 11.4″ display lets you view even more up-to-date information than the standard screen.
The new large display with curved design is 62% larger and up to three times brighter than a standard display. The increased screen real estate allows you to better see the route while navigating. It is much more pleasant to use the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features, etc.
Unfortunately, this option was not offered for 2020 and 2021 models, but you don’t have to worry, we can retrofit your Land Rover DEFENDER with a large 11.4″ screen regardless of the year of manufacture of your NEW DEFENDER.
A client contacted us at NEW DEFENDER 2020 with just such a task.

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This vehicle was equipped from the factory with a standard 10″ screen of the PiVi Pro infotainment system.

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Before the client arrived, we’ve prepared all the necessary spare parts in order to carry out the installation as soon as possible. All spare parts are exclusively genuine.

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The process of installing a large 11.4″ screen consists of several steps:

  • Dashboard parts removing and dismantling the standard PiVi Pro display.

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  • Screen bracket replacement.
  • Wiring connection, software works and testing the functionality of a new screen.
  • Installing the new 11.4″ DEFENDER display in its place.
  • Replacing dashboard trim parts.
  • Dashboard assembly.

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The larger 11.4″ display looks in Defender interior more modern and presentable. You can view the video of the upgrade to the larger screen below:

In addition to a large 11.4″ Touchscreen retrofit, Dynamic Mode and Configurable Dynamic Mode features were activated on this DEFENDER

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Let us remind you that activating Dynamic Mode feature of Terrain Response system on the Land Rover DEFENDER allows the driver to get the maximum capabilities of the vehicle when driving on the road. Quicker throttle response, tighter steering at speed, quicker gearbox shifting, stiffer suspension (if you have adaptive dynamic struts). Dynamic mode promotes a more focused and excitable driving.
You can ON or OFF Dynamic mode feature with the soft button on the touchscreen or the simple turn of the Terrain Response® control panel.
Activating on DEFENDER Dynamic-I or Configurable Dynamic Mode feature gives the opportunity to adjust Dynamic mode to your preferences and your driving style. You will be able to independently adjust Dynamic or Comfort mode for Throttle, Steering, Gearbox and Suspension. In addition, you will have Lap timer menu, G-force menu ets.

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