PLUMB “M-one” Dry Carbon Multifunctional Spare Wheel Kit

M-one series

In the hearts of all users

I believe it must be very equipped

And it integrates many extension functions

This issue continues the main line style of M-one

From appearance, structure, function, material

Disruption from the inside out

Redefine “spare tire cover”



Reinforced spare wheel bracket X1 / metal spare wheel guard X1 / storage box X1

Multifunctional dry carbon fiber spare wheel cover X1 / key X2 / Velcro strap X10

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— Static structure display —

In order to facilitate the color matching of each color version

All structures of the multifunctional spare tire kit are detachable

Easier to paint with the same body color

The main part of the spare wheel cover

Constructed from full dry carbon fiber

xtended tabletop and integrated storage compartments inside

Made of all-aluminum-magnesium alloy

Splicing of dry carbon fiber and metal

No matter from the details and the overall texture, it is impeccable

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— Open method —

M-one multifunctional spare wheel kit

Optimized OEM leather tire covers

Upgrade to 304 stainless steel metal hoop

While not affecting the placement of the original spare tire

Expand multi-purpose desktop

And hidden anti-theft storage box

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— Reinforced spare wheel bracket —

Reinforced original spare tire bracket

The spare tire bracket made of manganese steel and a more reasonable fixing method

Let the spare tire no longer vibrate during high-intensity off-road

More effective solution to tailgate noise

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— Overall Position Scale —

The overall position of the spare tire is moved up 5cm by strengthening the spare tire bracket

Reduced distance between tires and tailgate

Whether viewed from the side or from behind

Make the ratio of the tire and the body more harmonious



off-road crossing

Common rescue equipment and tools

Can be integrated and fixed in the storage box

The expansion strap can fix the equipment well

There will be no abnormal noise on bumpy roads

640 24

— Built-in anti-theft switch lock —

640 25

— Expansion table —

Expand the table board for outdoor camping and picnic

is a very handy tool

The load-bearing and usable area can well meet various scenarios
Compatible with storage box doors

Used as a windshield for stoves

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— Loading effect —

Spare wheel position readjusted by reinforcing the spare wheel bracket

Higher degree of coordination with the vehicle

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