Guidance on how to use bmw e sys coding software

Guidance on how to use bmw e sys coding software1.We use BMW ICOM to connect the car, use the itool radar software to read the IP address of the ICOM, and select Reserve.picture-12.Open E-sys software, select vehicle series, input IP address of ICOM, and connect;picutre-23.If FA is not activated, you can use the right mouse button to select FA file and select Activate FA;picutre-34.Select Read ecu (ECU existing in the current vehicle), or select Read svt (ECU of the vehicle manufacturer, provided that it has not been changed by others);picutre-45.Find the ECU name that needs coding, select code, and start coding;picutre-56.Wait about 1 minute, and you can see the prompt of coding completion in the window;Coding is completed, select Close, 0 error, the window text is green, indicating that it works normally;picutre-67.Some ECUs need to select coding files, find “detect caf for SWE”, and select any file coding, ok, step and step 6.picutre-7

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