BMW E6x list of functions activated

BMW E6x list of functions that can be activated

1. TIP: Programming Folding Mirrors in pre 2005/6 E60’s;
2. E64 convertible remote closing roof / hood;
3. new LM_AHL.ipo file required;
4. Allow AE’s to be full bright with headlights on (Worked on my E60 with LCI lights);
5. E60 Coded Car/Key memory with ncsexpert. Now Active Steering is disabled;
6. [E60] Voice code FSC activation, LCI-CCC;
7. DVD in Motion for E65;
8. Permanently turn off LEGAL DISCLAIMER on an E65/E66;
9. power button – e60 m5;
10. BMW e60 license plate led11. [Request] E60 – How to disble AC on engine start?
12. [Solved] E60 – How to disable AC when Auto is selected?
13. DRLs remain off after making them Aktiv;
14. [E65] Trying to write VIN in module;
15. MP3 option aktiv with Navi Prof;
16. E60 Controller;
17. E65 Harsh Downshift 2-1(Coasting jolt, Clunk). Fix with Progman;
18. [E60] NCS to enable MP3 read/playback (amp; enable CD changer);
19. e60 Programing voice commands to change the language from German to French orEnglish;
20. What’s your favorite option on your e60;
21. Code list e65;
22. Coded 2 E60s and 1 E61 but hit a couple of glitches;
23. Vehicle coding issues after CIC retrofit – E60;
24. Disable driver seat mat E65;
25. E60 LCI: Light module;
26. [E60] Disable seat mat;
27. Problem of updating E60 and E70 M-ASK by using winkfp
28. [E61] Coding cruise control;
29. ABG module on 2005-2006 E60?
30. e65, Steering wheel “Star”-button reprogramming?
31. language change on a e60 instrument cluster;
32. E65 Rear Lowered by Programming?
33. DIY : Change LM1 to LM2 [E60];
34. [E60] How to enable the rain auto close windows?
35. [E61] Disable Auto-Shifting down in Automatic gear;
36. BMW E65 problem wuth EDC;
37. Newbie with E65 750i, trying to change voice command from Jap to English… Help :p;
38. [E65] ’04 airbag and seatbelt light;
39. [E60] ’05 TMPS issue help!!!
40. [E60] Bluetooth coding?
41. [E60] Adding CCC and 8.8″ CID to a non nav E60. Need Help!
42. [E60] 2005 Passenger Seat Airbag Code;
43. [E63] Where can the parameters be?
44. [E65] Programming a new HKL module;
45. [E60] Stop fogs lighting up;
46. [E60] Coding retrofitted M5 Active Backrest Seats to a 545i;
47. [E63] Help please! Blank right side split screen..
48. [E60] Replacing LMA;
49. [E60] 2004 folding mirros;
50. [E60] Video TV module mpeg2 to mpeg4;
51. [E60] Can a us spec e60 with a euro spec lci;
52. [E65] How to re-enable BMW Assist;
53. [E60] LCI Many options gone after removing a battery, please help;
54. [E65] Coding Help;
55. [E60] Where is the Lateral Motion Sensor module in NCSExpert / INPA;
56. [E60] AE as DRL on 2004;
57. [E60] LCI TV tuner;
58. [E6X] CAS Dead – No key, no start, no nothing;
59. [E60] rear window doesn’t close properly;
60. [E60] light module replacement;
61. [E60] 2007 525xi iDrive controller not working after CCC update;
62. [E65] Country Changing;
63. [E60] ’06 Pre-LCI M5… Set Angel Eyes to act as DRLs?
64. [E6X] 2004 530i Xenon & Halogen Highbeams together;
65. E60 Comfort seats;
66. [E60] Replace DDE?
67. [E60] HUD calibration;
68. [E65] SIM-module problem. please help;
69. [E60] Activate TMC;
70. [E60] Removing front seats;
71. [E60] 525d Coding US-Daylight;
72. Is it possible to retrofit speed limit warning camera on E60;
73. [E61] Help, cannot read MULF module !
74. [E66] VIDEO menu disabled! How?
75. How do I put the V42 CIC files of an E89 into the E60?
76. [E60] COAPI-1000 error, writing +IPOD to FA for Dension GW500 in e60;
77. What is the risk of putting a updated flash into an older car E89 -> E60;
78. [E60] OIL_LEVEL in CAPPL;
79. [E60] Welcome Light – LMA Processing Error;
80. [E60] If a value is set to standard / wert_01 etc;
81. [E60] LCI Diesel / M5 Cluster coding help;
82. [E60] Deciphering unknown codes in CAPPL Module;
83. [E60] Steering Weel Buttons recoding ?
84. [E6X] 2008 – 535xi – All Doors unlock when you open Driver’s Door – Coding issue ?
85. [E64] Factory options for specific VIN;
86. [E60] Manual to Automatic Transmission – TEMPOMAT/Cruise Control;
87. [E65] Boot Lid Close Button;
89. [E60] What does this mean ? Invalid feature for FA: #904;
90. [E65] 2002 USA make DSC relpaceing and adapting with inpa;
91. [E60] Turning off angel eyes warning when you replace with LED’s;
92. [E60] How to disable bulb check on angel eyes?
93. [E60] M5 wont start, EWS error;
94. [E60] LMA don work properly after change;
95. [E60] LED licence plate retrofit;
96. [E60] Cruise control in miles;
97. [E60] How to change voice command language?
98. [E61] Coding by remote my bmw CIC in a E61 2005;
99. [E60] Angel Eye Coding with WL_SL_1;
100. [E65] Dynamic Stability Control flash;
101. [E60] AUX Input Coding?
102. [Code List] E65/E66 Available Coding List;
103. [E66] Steering Wheel Fixed;
104. [E65] Auxiliary heating;
105. [E60] No sound from HiFi amp after swap M-ASK.
106. [E60] Engine Oil Level;
107. [E60] Help! When I coded an E60, it displayed “vin is faulty”;
108. [E60] Bluetooth Coding M-ASK.
109. [E60] MPM need to be coded !110. [E65] 2003 software update possible / neccesary?
111. [DIY] E65 Video In Motion;
112. [E60] Automatic climate control passenger side temperature;
113. [E60] Can’t get alarm chirp working;
114. [E66] Reprogramming DME on 735Li;
115. [E66] 2003 735Li Valvetronic / DME CAN Bus error;
116. [MASK] Is video input impossible with OEM equipment?
117. [E60] Which modules for vehicle order change for battery swap?
118. Is true anlasssperre_bls set to not active keep ignition on?
119. [E60] Cruise control not working;
120. [E66] MMI Retrofit Errors with NCS Expert;
121. how long would it take the dealer to reflash all the modules in an e60?
122. [E6X] coding engine temp to show up in dash;
123. HOW CAN Re-aline DME and 745i using INPA or DIS V57;
124. [E65] airbag time not starting after programing 2 times SSFA,SSBF and SIM modules;
125. [E60] Request – How to code LM1 to accept LCI tail lights;
126. [E60 M5] Help needed please;
127. [E60] Non navi to Bussines navi;
128. [E61] Found a MULF2 in my car, but I haven’t bluetooth.
129. I need to update DME on 745i. MY error is 2D03 by INPA;
130. [E6x] Adding 6FL to CCC based iDrive?
131. [E65] Coding flickering Xenon headlights;
132. Head Unit not Programed Correrctly.
133. [E60] MASK to CCC Retrofit Questions;
134. Error while reading HKL and MMIGT modules on ’06 E65;
135. NIVI pairing or mmigt hack;
136. e60 ACSM Pass restraint system malfunction won’t clear with INPA;
137. Changed Alarm sound (Video included);
138. Mismatched characters on MMI: ‘ and ?
139. Problem after changing M-ASK;
140. cant find options thats supposed to be in cappl;
141. [E63] Coding Paddle Shift Controls;
142. New Coder – M5 Owner – Update Spreadsheet?
143. Set active side bolsters to full on car start;
144. [E6x] 2004 730D Side Light Problem – Light Control Module;
145. BMW E60 CCC LCI;
146. DIY [E65] ALPINA style instrument cluster (KOMBI) with digital speedometer;
147. [E65] HighBeamAssistant (FLA) optimization;
148. DPF Diesel Particulate Filter Delete;
149. Uncoding SA633;
150. [E61] Want to go/move car in reverse gear with drivers door open. Coding issue?
151. E60 CCC flashing;
152. [E6x] harsh 2-1 downshift….
153. How to enable a tear open car DME?
154. E70CCC change Chinese;
155. [E6x] SOS Idrive error after performing BT retrofit tcu implant;
156. no voice guidance and commands;
157. E60 Lci Uif list.
158. [E65] HID Xenon Highbeam;
159. [E60] possible to change time lapse for locking doors after unlocking?;
160. [E60] Low beam witness;
161. [E65] Bricked NAVI02 ?
162. [E60] Problem programming M5 S85 DME;
163. [E65] Ipod interface coding with rear entertainment;
164. [E65] Alarm Chrip;
165. [E60] Break light;
166. [E6x] How can i recover one unit Mulf?;
167. [E65] LM2 coding xenon head lamps;
168. Adjusting servotronic assistance, e60;
169. Key FOB showing wrong VIN;
170. 2008 e60 520d particulate filter problem;
171. E60 : EWS – DDE rolling code sync;
172. [E60] Rds text speed;
173. Trying to read E65 TCU – wrong coding index;
174. coding kombi on e65;
175. file eeprom kombi e65 (740d) uncoded (62116956632) . Have you?;
176. [E60] Is it possible to code tilt mirror when reverse?;
177. [E60] can we add $861 to delete EOBD and remove MIL forever?;
178. [E60] CCC update went bad…… CID not working anymore, need help from experts!!!;
179. E66 760Li N73 & INPA – how to ??? Help;
180. SVS phone option on E65;
181. BMW E60 CCC Speech Language;
182. [E60] Retrofit Sports Automatic Programming;
183. Coding BLINKIMPULS_WARNBLK with Nettodat.trc for flashing hazards;
184. MMI lost menu after upgrade with winkfp;
185. Comfort Access (CA) coding;
186. E63 6 series remove fog lights;
187. voice control on e65;
188. [E60] Voice Commands doesn’t work;
189. E60 – Engine can’t startup after change FA;
190. E60 – BMW Assist / SOS Error;
191. AM Radio Delete;
192. Progman doesn’t see SMFA, pics attached;
193. Very curious “SIM module” error on my e65 bmw Please read and help !;
194. [E65] Progman does not see my MMI;
195. [E60] ACC2 error after M5 seat retrofit;
196. change welcome picture in ccc – need help;
197. help needed with E66 rear sunshade coding;
198. Last Update M54 Engine;
199. E65 xenon retrofit;
200. Key Programming Question;
201. Using Used Keys;
202. What ” +EVER / +NAV2 ” means in the VO;
203. [E61] Activating passenger airbag;
204. E66 how to disable front crash sensors;
205. [E60] Night Vision and CIC, Fog Lights;
206. dsc deactivated problem;
207. E60, can’t read MASK, no CAPPL?;
208. E65 pre-facelift AUX input;
209. Deactivating rear side airbag?;
211. PDC and Reverse Camera enable menu for CCC?;
212. CAS is dead, read and write MC9S12DG256C , Dump is saved, need new CAS ?;
213. DRL off on 2006 E60 M5 ?;
214. Bmw e65 pre-facelift Coding engine temp. dysplay in tachometer;
215. E60 LCI – CCC nav system hang`s on BMW logo and reboot constantly;
216. [E60] Increase brightnes AE on LM1;
217. Oil Reset Problem;
218. CarPC on iDrive screen;
219. how to tell current daten?;
220. E60 Navigation on Non-Nav M-ASK Possible?;
221. Navi03 for BMW 745i E65 2002;
222. Retrofit of Radio Tuner in BMW E65;
223. Speed in cluster display;
224. Coding new DME on E65;
225. New Key for E60 re-coding help;
226. Possible to use Angel Eyes + Fog Lights as DRL?;
227. 2006 E60 bluetooth pairing;
228. Wiper Auto Parking ? Is it possible ?;
229. E63 Active seat bolsters;
230. Is there a time limit before you can set alarm;
231. Adaptive headlight problem – Scary;
232. Mask Nav233. Tacho 6945633 flash;
234. Any way to Re-code Voice commands to different functions?;
235. [E60] Head Unit not Programmed Correctly;
236. JBE vs KGM;
237. It is posible disable Active Steering in a E60?;
238. E65 – Aux input;
239. E60 M-Drive Button;
240. Harsh Shifting Conversion +HADS (Need To Remove This Now);
241. LCI E60 Headlight retrofit. Adaptive light issue.;
242. DSC module;
243. E60 Low Bass frequency after coding;
244. how to add sports mode to 02 e65;
245. Active Steering Module;
246. [E60] MP3 retrofit247. Cornering Light;
248. GPS clock in Bord computer and synchronize with on Board clock;
249. 2004 E60 Replaced MULF, Need help with SSS Progman/winKFP;
250. Retrofit CIC in car with Headup display.

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