BMW E sys English abbreviation

BMW E sys English abbreviation 3

To connect BMW E-sys, you need to use BMW ICOM NEXT or ENET cable/ENET WIFI

BMW E sys English abbreviation meaning, BMW Motors, BMW Mini, BMW Rolls Royce:

What is BMW Esys How do I set up BMW ESYS02
BMW Esys

ASAM Association for Standardisation of Automation and Measuring Systems
AVAKON Automatic Configuration of Variants
BAF Boot Sector Exchange Format
BT Description Table
CAF Coding Application File
CBD Coding Description File
COS Central Operating Services
CVN Calibration Verification Number
DAF Data Exchange Format
ECCO-NF Electric / Electronic Change- & Configuration-Management-Successor
E-Sys New programming system for department E
FA Vehicle Order
FFS Flash File System
FP Vehicle Programming
FP-Prozess Base System Process of Vehicle Programming
FSC Activation Code
FWL Funktionswertliste
FZM Vehicle State Management
GUI Grafical User Interface
HO Dealership Network
IEX Integration Test Vehicle (new: EBG  Development Component)
Intel-Hex Data Format Intel-Hex
KIS Compatibility and Information System
KMM Configuration Management Module
LabCar Labor Vehicle
LAN Local Area Network
LBT Logical Block Table
MCD Measurement, Calibration and Diagnosis
An ASAM standard, that comprises the exchange format of ECU data and ECU descriptions in conjunction with diagnosis tasks.
MMI Man Machine Interface
NCD Nettocodierdaten
OBD On-Board Diagnostics
OffBPS Offboard Programming System
OnBPS Onboard Programming System
PAF Program Exchange Format
PDM Product Data Management
PDX Packed ODX
PE Programming Unity
PEP Product Manufacturing Process
PIA Personalization, Individualization, Adaption
PPP Product-Process-Prototype (new: BBG Actuation Component)

PSdZ Programming System of the Future
PV Patch Version
SA Special Equipment
SALAPA Special Equipment, Country Equipment, Package
SG ECU (Electronic Control Unit)
SGBM Control Unit Description Model
SLdZ Software Logistic of the Future
SPA Software Package Administration
SPS Software Package Storage
SREC Data Format Motorola SREC
SVK System Installation Identifier
SVT (Ist) Actual System Installation Table
SVT (Soll) Reference System Installation Table
SW Software (process class)
SWE Software Unity
SWT Sweeping Technologies
TAL Transaction List
TI Technical Integration
UV Sub Version
VCM Vehicle Configuration Management
VIN Vehicle Identification Number
VS Sale and Service
WLAN Wireless Local Area Network
XML eXtensible Markup Language
XSD XML Scheme Definition

BMW Motors E SYS, BMW Mini e-sys, BMW Rolls Royce e-sys.

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